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Comparison Of Non-woven Seedling Containers And Other Seedling Containers

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-02-19
First, compared with plastic nutritionbags, seedling bags, and nutrition

In use, it is better to open the soil thanthe plastic single seedling bag. The non-woven seedling bag(China Nursery Bag On Sales) made by thisequipment has a bottom type. In the seedling, the seedling root can penetratethe bag body to form air rooting, and there is no need to take off whentransplanting. The bag can be directly planted, thus eliminating the labor costof taking off the bag, using a non-woven seedling bag

The seedlings are in line with the nationalforestry nursery requirements for the promotion of water seepage andventilation. They are not rooted. After transplanting, the roots can beguaranteed normal growth requirements, and the slow seedling period is reduced.The survival rate after transplanting is higher than that of plastic seedlingcontainers.

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Second, compared with light matrixnon-woven seedling container, light matrix container mesh bag

1. Compared with the light substrateseedling container mesh bag, the mechanism of non-woven seedling bag(Non Woven Seedling Bag Factorye) developedby our company has all the advantages of natural development of roots (airrooting, direct bag planting) in the breeding of non-woven seedling containers.It also has the advantages of low cost ((caliber 4CM* height 8CM) each as longas 0.03 yuan, while light matrix seedling container net bag price is 0.15yuan), light weight, low logistics and transportation cost after customerordering. And the mechanism of the non-woven seedling bag in the nursery can becustomized according to the local natural resources and seed breedingrequirements, so that the seedling soil can be adjusted to better meet therequirements of seedling raising. On the contrary, at present, the lightsubstrate seedling container mesh bags on the market are hollow and bottomless.In the early stage of seedling raising, the seedling farmers must purchaseplastic seedling trays separately to fully reflect the characteristics of thelight substrate container mesh bags, thus resulting in the initial investmentof the seedlings. The cost is too large. In addition, the matrix formula usedin the light substrate seedling container mesh bag currently on the market ismore suitable for use in economic forest crops such as oil tea and eucalyptus,and is not suitable for all agricultural and forestry crops.

2. In use, our company's mechanismnon-woven seedling bag(Nursery Bag Wholesale) only needs to prepare nutritious soil when it is used,it can be directly used for soil loading, which is very convenient andflexible, while the light substrate seedling container mesh bag needs toprepare the sink and the syrup to be completely soaked. Through the manualcutting into the required specifications, the process is cumbersome, and theinitial drying of the seedlings, but the climate is dry or overwintering, it iseasy to cause the substrate in the container to dry and lack water (because theexisting light substrate mesh bags mostly use light humus Straw, northeast peatenergy raw material configuration), the container evaporation is large, thewater loss is fast, the management requirements in the seedling period areextremely strict, the light matrix mesh bag is hollow and bottomless, and thewatering should be watered in the early stage of seedling to keep the substratemoist, if necessary It is also necessary to cover the straw curtain afterpouring the water, which is very troublesome to manage.