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Non-woven Seedling Bag Use And Introduction

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Non-woven Seedling Bag Use And Introduction

2019-02-18 14:48:55
Non-woven seedling bag seedlings are thelatest environmentally friendly seedling technology implemented in forestryafforestation projects. Non-woven seedling bag(China Nursery Bag Vendor) seedlings have changed thedrawbacks of plastic seedling containers in the past, and the seedling cycle isrelatively shortened, which is convenient for operation, improves workefficiency and seedling quality, has a high afforestation survival rate, doesnot need replanting, and has become arid and semi-arid area greening. Importanttechnical measures such as nursery, tobacco seedlings, and agriculturalseedlings.

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In order to cater to the needs of themajority of seedling farmers, the company's new non-woven seedling bags andnon-woven bag(Non Woven Seedling Bag Supplier) automatic bag making machines, which have been researched anddeveloped over several months, are now in production. The non-woven seedlingbags are produced per square meter. 27 grams of high-qualityenvironmentally-friendly non-woven fabrics, such a thickness of non-wovenfabric seedling bags, in use than plastic single seedling bags better opensoil, the non-woven seedling bag made of this equipment is bottomed, in In thenursery, the roots of the seedlings can penetrate the bag body to form airroots. When transplanting, there is no need to take off the bag, and it can bedirectly planted. Therefore, the labor cost of bag removal is eliminated, andthe seedling bag raising with non-woven fabric(Nursery Bag On Sales) is in line with the nationalforestry seedlings. The promotion requirements, no rooting, can ensure thenormal growth requirements of roots after transplanting, reduce the slowseedling period, and have a high survival rate after transplantation.