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Citrus Winter Cold Non-woven Fabric

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Citrus Winter Cold Non-woven Fabric

2019-02-25 15:55:35
Recently, a piece of data has beendistributed throughout the Guangxi citrus circle. In 2018, the area plantedwith citrus in Guangxi is expected to exceed 70,000 mu, and the output willreach 7 million tons, about 14 billion jin. Positioning

For the new year's granulated oranges, itis greatly affected by weather and other factors. If the ice cream falls in themiddle and late December of the lunar calendar, it will affect the harm ofsugar orange and citrus.

Sales. In the past, before the winter season, in the winter, many sugar orange farmers had to use the rain and snowand freezing rain technology to study the “canopy cover film” on the sand syrup. In winter, the cold-proof plastic film of the orange tree can effectively prevent damage caused by bad weather such as rain,snow and frost.

Common methods for canopy cover films are:arched, inverted "V" shaped, inverted U-shaped and direct film. It’s just that the old orchardwith a high canopy is not easy to operate, it takes time and materials; directshooting

Although the method is simple andlabor-saving, the disadvantage is that it is easy to expose, the branches andleaves covering the top are easily broken, the branches in autumn are easy toburn at high temperatures, and the fruits close to the film are easily burned.

The cold film is easily pierced and notresistant to the wind. No matter which shooting method is used, there are different disadvantages. When the temperature rises, direct sunlight increases the temperature inside the film. If the film is not removed in time, the branches and fruits in autumn will be damaged, which will affect the differentiation of flower buds. If the temperature in the membrane is too high for a long time and the ventilation is not timely, it will affect the ripening of the yellow color of the fruit, and the weight will easily lead to the deathof the fruit tree.

Cold-proof Nonwoven Factory, Agricultural Non Woven Fabric Supplier, Spunbond Non Woven Fabric ManufacturerCold-proof Nonwoven Factory, Agricultural Non Woven Fabric Supplier, Spunbond Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

In recent years, the appearance of cold-resistant nonwoven fabrics(Cold-proof Nonwoven Factory) has effectively improved the short comings of conventional plastic films.

1. Although the cold-proof non-woven fabricis called "cloth", its material is non-woven fabric and is easily degraded;

2. The cold-proof non-woven fabric is produced by a non-woven fabric(Agricultural Non Woven Fabric Supplier) process. Covered after ventilation and ventilation,no water seepage, frost and snow, freezing rain. It is naturally ventilated ina high temperature shed, does not burn the tip, does not burn fruit.

3, the effect of cold-proof non-woven covering is that the temperature and humidity of the tree shed are relativelystable and naturally regulated, which is conducive to flower buddifferentiation and lower annual rate. The fruit is very good in color and the speed of returning to yellow is very slow.

4. The fruit planting machine has strong maneuverability and can cover the cold cloth in advance, which solves theproblem that the traditional film is difficult to work due to cold air.

5. Ventilation and ventilation, no bambooor iron frame, saving materials, saving time and effort, reducing costs. Reducethe rate of icing of sputum at low temperatures, maximize fruit quality in lowtemperature areas, and improve

Commodity rate.

6. Conditional staggered fruit high temperature downturn concentrated sales period. High fruit quality and stablequality can extend the preservation and sales time of trees. Fruit farmers take the initiative to sell fruit, guaranteeing returns and maximizing returns.

Increase the insurance factor of the salessegment. Increase production, improve quality, increase income, and increase efficiency.

According to the current use of cold-proof non-woven fabrics, cold-proof non-woven fabrics(Spunbond Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer) are superior to conventional films, but cold-resistant non-woven fabrics also have their disadvantages. Theprice is higher than the film, but the cold-proof non-woven fabric isguaranteed.

Save can not be saved like a movie, frost weather should be turned off to reduce the exposure time of cold-proof non-woven fabrics!