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Characteristics And Application Of Anti-aging Non-woven Fabric

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2019-06-12
The anti-aging polypropylene non-woven fabric has good abrasion resistance, is not easy to pilling, is resistant to acid and alkali and chemical corrosion, and is not mildewed.

Recognized and applied in the field of agriculture, anti-aging UV(Anti-UV Non-woven Fabric Wholesale) in production provides excellent protection for seeds, crops and soil, preventing soil erosion, pests, bad weather and damage caused by weeds, helping to ensure a good harvest every season. . Let's take a look at the anti-aging UV and what are the advantages?

1. The bursting strength is high; the uniformity is good, which helps the water to penetrate;

2. excellent durability; long-lasting anti-aging; anti-frost and anti-freeze;

3. economic and environmental protection; can automatically degrade

Anti-UV Non-woven Fabric Wholesale, UV Resistant Nonwoven Supplier, Water Absorbent Nonwovens CompanyAnti-UV Non-woven Fabric Wholesale, UV Resistant Nonwoven Supplier, Water Absorbent Nonwovens Company

Geotechnical greening

PP non-woven fabrics(UV Resistant Nonwoven Supplier) are widely used in the field of geotechnical engineering because of their enhanced acid and alkali resistance, mold resistance, insect resistance, decomposition resistance, weathering resistance and deformation resistance. Moreover, its storage and transportation is convenient and the price is relatively low. From its function, it mainly includes reinforcement, isolation, filtration, drainage, etc., which can be applied to dam construction and railway, airport and highway facilities. Among them, in the aspect of railway construction, it can be combined with its characteristics to effectively solve the risk of roadbed mud and mud; in the dam construction, by laying such geotextiles, it can effectively resist soil erosion, avoid river bank collapse, and be used underground. Drainage and retaining walls, soft soil foundation drainage and other construction processes. In addition, in urban buildings, anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics can be used for turf green planting, which not only has less harm to the environment, but also can be insulated and easy to irrigate, even in the dormant and yellowing periods, the lawn can be made vigorous. It is easy to maintain, can reduce the construction intensity, and improve the turf aesthetics, and can be reused. Of course, this kind of non-woven fabric can also be used in the slope protection greening of highways and the spraying of grass in mountain rocks.

Agricultural planting

In the past, agricultural PP nonwoven fabrics(Water Absorbent Nonwovens Company) are prone to aging, cracking, etc. under long-term exposure to sunlight, and have a short life cycle. The anti-aging PP non-woven fabric is made of polyester, PP raw materials, etc., and the PP content is high, which has strong permeability to water and air, and is permeable to chemicals, and the structure is relatively Loose, can be used together with insecticides, fertilizers, etc. In addition, the anti-aging PP non-woven fabric also has a good micro-climate regulation function, which not only can heat insulation, heat preservation, but also effectively resist ultraviolet rays, thereby effectively improving the plant production environment. From the perspective of its agricultural production, it is mainly used for crop cover, plant growth substrates, greenhouses, farmland water and soil protection. Because the anti-aging PP non-woven fabric has low cost, short processing flow, good toughness, good strength, good mechanical properties, can be reused, easy to recycle, etc., it can provide a good guarantee for agricultural planting.

Industrial production

In addition to the construction industry and agricultural planting, anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics are also widely used in industrial production due to their environmentally friendly characteristics, including roof sheds, automotive sound insulation and insulation interior parts, instrument panels, engine hoods. Cover the lining. Paint is used in automotive interior parts. Because many manufacturers want to use materials with strong durability and corrosion resistance instead of foams that cannot be recycled, anti-aging PP nonwovens are used. Of course, in other fields, such as outdoor billboards, outdoor sportswear, sunhats, umbrellas and tents, and outdoor home textiles, anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics also have a wide range of applications.