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Anti-aging and environmental performance is the biggest advantage of non-woven fabrics

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  • Release on:2017-11-24
Anti-aging and environmental performance is the biggest advantage of non-woven fabrics

Nonwovens production has many advantages, environmental protection, non-polluting, reusable and so on, in short, nonwovens to meet many people's requirements, since nonwovens can be reused that nonwovens bags have a certain anti-aging performance.
Anti-aging non-woven refers to those in the wind and rain, the sun and the rain can also be used normally, these non-woven fabrics can have anti-sun, weathering features. To improve the anti-aging properties of non-woven bags, we must start from the non-woven production process, the general non-woven fabric manufacturers will add some anti-UV additives in the processing of non-woven fabrics, but did not Some special treatment, so anti-aging properties of non-woven can only adhere to a very short period of time.

Some anti-aging non-woven is used for soilless cultivation, in the water if you need to be able to infiltrate into it, so that this non-woven in the anti-aging, but also need to add some hydrophilic coating , Then add finishing fluid and additives, the last is dried.

Why can non-woven occupy the market? In recent years, the use of plastic bags greatly reduced, the new non-woven bags are famous at this time, let's understand it together.

A, Faced with a series of problems brought by people's increasing environmental pollution, people realize the importance of environmental protection. With the rapid growth of new energy sources, replacing new energy sources with harmful or scarce energy has become the focus of attention. It is in this context of the environment, with non-woven bags to replace plastic bags, get people's unanimous approval.

B, Several major advantages of acupuncture non-woven bags:
1. Wide range of uses, can be used for non-woven bags, non-woven products, jewelry bags, apron series.
2. Many kinds of products, such as advertising, knowledge-based, gift-type, commemorative, simple type, and other types.
3. Printing process in various forms, although non-woven bags are generally used screen printing process, but there are several other printing methods are also often used.