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What is the difference between nylon cloth and non-woven?

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What is the difference between nylon cloth and non-woven?

2017-11-23 15:19:15
What is the difference between Nylon cloth and non-woven?

Nylon cloth is made of nylon material cloth, refers to the fabric material.
Non-woven fabric refers to the process of manufacturing cloth.
The general textile fabric production process is to use fiber (with natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and synthetic staple fibers such as nylon,
Polyester and other points) spinning, spinning out of silk and then woven into cloth.
The non-woven production process is: the fiber (whether natural fiber or synthetic fiber are the same) cut into small pieces,
And then without the spinning process, the pieces of fiber paved into pieces, the compact, enhance the process, the formation of cloth.
Therefore, nylon fabric with a textile (generally known as nylon) also have nylon non-woven,
The non-woven fabrics also have natural materials, include non-woven cotton and non-woven synthetic fiber.

Non-woven crease treatment:
1, wet with water, and then dry, pay attention to when drying cloth do not have folds.
2, will be non-woven fabric flat, flat-panel pressure, wrinkles can be eased.
3, the clothes hanging in the bathroom full of hot and humid after bathing, the use of hot and humid steam instead of iron, the next morning to ensure that the clothes become flat and very smooth.
4, the use of ironing ironing ironing clothes can be.

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