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You may not know the four secrets to buy wipes?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-08-08
Spring came, all things recovery, the earth back to warm, so that all creatures are full of vitality, but we feel these beautiful at the same time, the bacteria have begun to quietly breed. Hidden in the table of E. coli, ubiquitous staphylococcus aureus, active in public places of Candida albicans, where these go where the sticky people who are often inadvertently against our health, so anytime, anywhere To maintain personal hygiene is particularly important, carry a few bags of convenient wipes to clean has become more and more people's habits. But when you face the gorgeous wipes shelves, you really know how to distinguish between their strengths and weaknesses, how to choose the right to use the wipes? Here let us share the four secret on the wet wipes:

Secret 1 wipes = sterilization?

The answer is of course NO, according to experts, according to performance, the current market wipes can be divided into two categories: ordinary clean wipes and sanitary wipes, ordinary cleaning wipes only cleaning function, do not have bactericidal function, The hygiene wipes in addition to a clean function, but also can be used to disinfect other items, play the role of bactericidal antibacterial. It can be seen, if you want to effectively avoid the bacteria attack, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the clean, get better health care, should abandon the ordinary wipes, buy a sterilization function with hygiene wipes.

Secret 2 wipes = clean?

The answer is the same, a lot of people wipe the face with a wipe wipes wipe the fruit, not knowing, wipes pick the right path, not only can not clean, but will be bacterial infection. Relevant media have done tracking reports, "poor quality wipes itself is the source of bacteria," by the students production technology and cost constraints, poor quality hygiene wipes usually there are two problems, one is the bacteria exceeded, the other is to add brighteners, industrial grade fragrance and other substances, when used usually have irritating smell, and some will containing impurities, used to have significant pilling phenomenon, become lurking in the consumer side of the largest bacterial source. In contrast, the quality of sanitary wipes as the representative of the wet towel will use pure water treatment, after the skin feel fresh, smell fragrance; and no alcohol, fluorescent whitening agent and formaldehyde, mild to the skin; its 99.9% effective sterilization rate can bring real sterilization protection, to provide consumers with a clean and healthy health environment.

Secret 3 wet wipes brand important?

Very important, nowadays the wipes market, the new brand, the new packaging after another, the purchase of wipes users certainly have had "squandering for charming eyes" feeling, that is, "chaos", that quality must be Very different. Accidentally
packaging patterns or price effects, to buy inferior wipes, not only can not play the role of cleaning, but also infected bacteria, damage their health, more harm than good. In such circumstances, there is no doubt that a good reputation of the quality of wet wipes brand can certainly provide consumers with more protection. To dew hygiene wipes, for example, from the global health leadership brand, whether it is standardized production process, professional sterilization technology, or brilliant brand history are more trustworthy. With more than 80 years of history of the drip or the British royal family of long-term Queen brand, you know, royal Queen brand certification is very strict and critical, need to go through years of careful assessment before they can be selected. This is enough to illustrate the quality of the drops on behalf of the impeccable.

Secret 4 a pack of wipes can be used by the whole family?

The answer is best not to, wipes is currently one of the items can not be separated from each family, only to buy the right wipes in order to allow the family under the perfect health protection. If the family has three children under the age of three, it must be reserved for some baby wipes, because the baby's skin is very delicate, and the baby wipes will be divided into hand towel and ass towel, both and can not mix. If the children at home over the age of three, it must use health wipes, because the age of children always like to play everywhere, in this process will not only dirty hands, but also stained with some bacteria, endanger the child's Healthy, only the cleaning function of the ordinary wipes have been unable to meet the needs of the child hand, face sterilization. So whether it is daily cleaning wipe, or outdoor travel travel, especially in some lack of toilet and hand sanitizer and other cleaning agents in public places, have standing hygiene wipes, the only way to kill E. coli, golden yellow Staphylococcus and other harmful bacteria, so that the whole family from bacterial nuisance.