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Why is polypropylene nonwoven mask more and more popular?

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Why is polypropylene nonwoven mask more and more popular?

2018-01-15 15:38:53
There are two kinds of non woven masks, one is the surface of the skim gauze or knitted fabrics made of cotton, the middle folder is a variety of non woven fabrics; the other is directly made of non-woven . And now the latest species is the surface and the back are non woven material, the middle folder will be a layer of filter paper, so that you can make non woven mask filter has improved. What are the advantages of polypropylene non woven masks?

The reason why polypropylene non woven masks are favored, mainly because it has the following advantages: good ventilation, non woven fabric breathable than other fabrics, and if the non woven fabric with filter paper in it, it's filtering will be better; at the same time, non woven masks thermal insulation than ordinary masks, its water absorption, waterproof good effect; In addition, non-woven mask has good scalability, stretching even if it will not appear disheveled phenomenon , Its feel good, very soft, even if washed several times in the sun will not harden. Non woven masks flexible, long-term use can return to its original shape.

However, it also has some drawbacks. Non woven masks have poorer strength and durability than other woven masks and are not easily cleaned. Tearing can easily occur if care is not normally taken.

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