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Why do you choose acupuncture nonwoven fabric to be a greenhouse?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2017-12-28
Winter is coming and crops need to be warm. Do you know how to keep crops warm? Let me introduce for everyone.

Needle punched non-woven fabric is a kind of nonwoven fabric, the user selects the needle punched non-woven fabric, mainly based on permeability, filtration accuracy, elongation to consider different thickness, quality of non-woven filter cloth. Needle punched non-woven fabrics in the greenhouse as the role of insulation can not be ignored.

Acupuncture non-woven features: Durability, one-time. Insulation, conductive. Softness, stiffness. Fineness, expansibility. Isotropic, anisotropic. Filtration, breathable impermeable. Elasticity, stiffness. Light, loose, warm. Thin as onion skin, thick as felt. Waterproof and breathable. Ironing, stitching, compression molding. Flame retardant, antistatic. Permeable, waterproof, wear-resistant, fluffy. Fold-resistant, good elasticity, high moisture absorption, water repellency.Greenhouse insulation is one of the quality of acupuncture non-woven fabric quality, can affect the life of greenhouse insulation. Good quality acupuncture non-woven insulation blanket made of greenhouse insulation is soft, not easily damaged, strong tensile strength, seamless, long life cycle, easy to store, beautiful appearance, pollution-free human body, does not pollute the environment, quality The advantages of cheap.

Processing and production of greenhouse insulation materials must have a high strength of the insulation properties. Greenhouse insulation quilts can withstand the cold cold air invasion, acupuncture nonwovens play a role of wind and dust. Covering the greenhouse in winter can prevent the land from freezing and dusty. Needle punched non-woven summer cover new concrete road surface with sunscreen, insulation, to avoid cracks, which play a conservation role. Therefore, when the election is enough to keep its material on the heart, not because of the moment will bring you some loss.

Operating farming farming greenhouse friends in the purchase of greenhouse insulation quilts, we must choose to use acupuncture non-woven greenhouse thermal insulation quilts, because acupuncture non-woven mat in insulation quilts really very important.

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