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Why are herbicides blocked?

  • Release on:2019-08-26
Herbicides are chemical agents that kill weeds or harmful plants. The extensive use of a wide variety of herbicides doesincrease productivity and is a major advancement in agricultural production.

However, the same use of various herbicides(Weed Stopper Fabric Factory) has also had a certain impact on the environment and people, such as excessiveuse leading to severe inhibition, hindering the normal growth of crops, orreducing stress resistance, yield decline, etc., or for crops it has across-effect; it also causes pollution of soil and water sources, and if it isused continuously, it will cause the soil to become knotted.

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Most importantly, the herbicide(Ground Control Fabric On Sales) will accumulate in the crop tissue, causing the human body to accumulate in the human body after consumption, causing chronic harm, such as: destroying the normal function of the nervous system, interfering with the balance of hormonesin the human body, affecting male fertility, Immunodeficiency, reducing humanimmunity, and causing cancer. Previously, CCTV exposed 14 kinds of German beerand detected glyphosate-containing pesticide residues.

The most trouble some thing is the glyphosate compensation incident. In 2018, the US court ruled that the glyphosate herbicide was carcinogenic, and Monsanto had to pay 289 million USdollars (nearly 2 billion yuan). This is the only ruling on cancer caused byglyphosate in 2015 after the WHO claimed that “glyphosate may cause cancer”.

Currently, more than 30 countries orregions around the world have begun to ban or restrict the use of glyphosate(Black Landscape Fabric Wholesale).