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Who is the best choice for baby diaper breathable material?

  • Release on:2019-12-02
It is understood that a set of survey dataon diapers shows that 20.47% of users will be very concerned about the breathability of diapers(Hydrophilic Nonwovens Manufacturer) when purchasing baby diapers. The sweat glands of thebaby's skin are very small and cannot control the temperature of the skin. Forexample, the diaper has poor breathability. After the urine is absorbed, theheat and moisture are collected in the diaper, which can easily make the babyfeel stuffy. Makes small butts red, swollen and inflamed, causing diaper rash.

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When urine is generated, the inside of the diaper(Environmentally Friendly Non-woven Supplier) is a hot and humid environment. Therefore, from a professional point of view, the so-called breathability actually refers to water vapor permeability,which can be expressed by the water vapor permeability (g / cm2 · 24h). The bottom film, thatis, the outermost layer of the diaper, is usually the main influencing factorof the breathability of the diaper. It is also the layer that needs to contactthe baby's skin like the skin-friendly layer. The non-woven fabric material(Hydrophilic Non-woven Fabric Vendor) used in the bottom film utilizes the difference between water droplets (minimumdroplet diameter 20 μm) and water vapor molecules (diameter 0.0004 μm) to achieve waterproof andbreathable effects.