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Did you know that non-woven fabrics have thermal insulation?

  • Release on:2019-11-29

Many agricultural products come from greenhouses, but do you know that greenhouses cannot be separated from non-woven fabrics? Often it is in a greenhouse, which can bring a good growth environment for crops. Let's analyze its insulation effect in detail below:

1. Even if the vegetation in the greenhouseis protected by heat insulation, it will still be afraid of cold attack. At this time, the material of the greenhouse insulation quilt must have high heatinsulation, so that it can be protected from wind, dust and sun. Role.Non-woven can do it.

2. Some vegetables or fruits produced in greenhouses(Agricultural Ground Cover Supplier) generally need to grow in a warmer environment, so the non-woven fabrics used for insulation in some greenhouses have become very important. Theuse of non-woven fabrics(Agriculture Mat Manufacturer) has also increased the production of products.

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3. The non-woven fabric plays an importantrole in greenhouse insulation, has a wide range of uses and has good thermal insulation properties, and plays an irreplaceable key role in some fields. Atpresent, the insulation effect of greenhouse insulation quilts is generally determined by the fillings.

Therefore, the greenhouse cannot beseparated from the non-woven fabric(Agriculture Nonwoven Cover Wholesale). Its thermal insulation function in the greenhouse is beyond the reach of many other fabrics, and it can provide a warm environment for the greenhouse. This allows the crop to grow rapidly.