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Which one is better for face washing between cotton towel and disposable nonwoven towel?

  • Release on:2022-05-14

Many beautiful girls always buy all kinds of skin care products at high prices in order to protect their skin. In fact, washing your face is the first step to protect your skin every day.

Most of the people wash their face with a traditional cotton towel.

According to the dermatologist's advice, you must change a towel each three months, otherwise the microbe will come out on the towel reached 10,000 +.The hygiene standards are so bad that you end up with those germs on your face.

Cotton towels are prone to bacteria and being harden over time.

Now the non-woven disposable towel (China spunlace nonwoven factory)is very convenient and healthy .

You can throw it away after use.

The acceptance for the disposable face towel is higher than before .

Disposable towels are usually made of spunlace fabric (spunlace fabric vendor).

The component is viscose and polyester.

Usually there are 3 kinds patterns for it, plain pattern,mesh pattern and pearl pattern.

The plain type is softer and more suitable for sensitive skin to wipe the face, the mesh pattern type is good for removing makeup, and the pearl pattern is thicker and has good water absorption.

Water absorption: pearl pattern>plain>mesh pattern

Softness: plain>pearl pattern>mesh

Cleaniness: mesh pattern>pearl pattern>plain

About the cost, the disposable face towel fabric is more economic than cotton towel.Because the spunlace fabric (China microfiber spunlace non woven fabric on sales)is much cheaper than cotton material.

So now more and more people use disposable face washing towels to replace cotton towels, especially for women and baby’s disposable hygiene and sanitary products.

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