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Can the wet-laid nonwoven faric be used in hygiene and health care?

  • Release on:2022-05-12
Wet-laid non woven is one kind fabric with good air permeability and absorbency .

It can be use in different areas on different products.

Wetlaid nonwoven fabric (wetlaid non woven fabric vendor) is made of artificial fiber or PVA fiber.

Regualr gsm:25-50gsm

Usually it is produced to be white color.

Skin color(beige) also can be produced and is often used in the medical field.

The features are as below:
Non-toxic harmless ,not stimulate the skin.
The density is high, can be used for adhesive coating, adhesive layer and plaster layer.

The vertical and horizontal strength is almost consistent for this fabric.
So it is convenient for mechanical besmear and manual operation.
The fabric is no anti-seepage, soft and with good adhesion.

Now the wetlaid nonwoven (China wet-laid non woven fabric on sales) is widely used in the hygiene and health care ,such as surgical gowns, caps, masks, pillowcase tapes, plaster cloths, infusion tape, medical tape base cloth, plaster base cloth,etc.

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