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What to isolate with disposable gowns?

  • Release on:2020-09-14
Relevant documents clearly stipulate that disposable gowns(Disposable Isolation Gown Wholesale) are designed to protect medical staff, patients and visitors from blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious substances during patient care or treatment. The main emphasis here is on blood and body fluids, and there is no mention of viruses that spread through the air, such as the new coronavirus.

Disposable gowns must be "360°covered", that is, at least ensure that the front, side and back of the arms and body are completely covered from the knee to the neck (not including the neck) during exercise. We can see that the scope of protection of medical isolation gowns is from the knee to below the neck (not including the neck), rather than covering the whole body from head to toe. The head, neck, hands, and feet are not covered by the protection scope.

Disposable Isolation Gown Wholesale, Disposable Surgical Gown Supplier, Disposable Protective Clothing ManufacturerDisposable Isolation Gown Wholesale, Disposable Surgical Gown Supplier, Disposable Protective Clothing Manufacturer

What is the difference between disposable isolation clothing(Disposable Protective Clothing Manufacturer) and protective clothing? Protective clothing is suitable for providing barriers and protection for medical staff from contact with potentially infectious patients’ blood, body fluids, secretions, particulate matter in the air, etc., protective clothing is composed of hooded tops and pants, which can be divided into jumpsuits Structure and avatar structure. One-piece and two-piece structure.

Disposable isolation gowns(Disposable Surgical Gown Supplier) are protective equipment used by medical staff to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances during contact, and are also used to protect patients from infection. Contact with patients with infectious diseases spread by contact, such as patients with infectious diseases and patients infected by multi-drug resistant bacteria; implement protective isolation of patients, such as patients with large-area injuries and patients with bone transplantation; prevent patients from blood, body fluids, Infected when secretions and feces are splashed. In short, medical isolation gowns are used for patients in strict isolation, contact isolation and protective isolation.

Therefore, it is necessary to select high-quality products to ensure the safety of medical staff.