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What materials are used for disposable surgical gown?

  • Release on:2020-04-17
Disposable surgical gowns are clothes worn by doctors during surgery. This product is made of non-woven fabric(Waterproof Nonwoven Fabric Wholesale) as the main raw material. And has good breathability, bacteria resistance, water resistance. The general style design is to have two bags around the neck and waist. When wearing it, wear it backwards. Fasten the strap and put on gloves. The main function of wearing a disposable surgical gown is to isolate bacteria and prevent infection, which can protect the doctor from infection, so that it will not cause secondary infection to the patient.

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Disposable surgical gowns(SMS Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer) should be kept flat and free of holes, stains, etc. If they have these problems, they cannot be used, the sewing needle is uniform, and no burrs are allowed at the sewing site. Before use, check whether the packaging is intact, sealed, airtight, able to withstand normal transportation and storage, and confirm the effective shelf life of the product, and use it within the effective time.

Disposable surgical gowns(Disposable Medical Fabric Supplier) must be strictly tested for quality when they are made, to ensure that the products are qualified before they can be sold. They are placed in a place where there are no corrosive gases, the relative humidity is low, the temperature is suitable for surgery, and the main raw materials used in sterile surgical gowns the analysis is well ventilated.