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What kinds of filter non woven fabrics are there in the market?

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What kinds of filter non woven fabrics are there in the market?

2018-02-27 10:16:47
1. Cotton filter cloth: The main use of cotton swellability, suitable for trapping dust. The main purpose of the general liquid filtration and dust collection.

2. Polyester filter cloth: high strength, good wear resistance, elongation less, acid resistance, dissolved in high temperature and strong lye, under special circumstances hydrolysis and brittle, resistant to heat 150 degrees, good shape retention. Uses include cement, iron and iron, iron and carbon plant of high-temperature gas dust, refinery refined clay filter, grease, winery and chemical plant filtration.

3. Nylon filter cloth: high strength, good wear resistance, smooth surface, excellent peel performance of the residue, good alkali resistance, but susceptible to inorganic acid erosion, elongation, easy deformation. Mainly used for mineral processing, refinery melt Wax, chemical plant filtration, sewage and municipal wastewater treatment plants, such as the production of bubble.

4. Polypropylene filter cloth: light weight and easy to handle, acid and alkali are good, but easy to aging. Mainly used in the refining of dyes and pigments, clay, ceramic soil, chemical filters, sugar, beer, Industrial filtration, factory wastewater, urban sewage treatment.

5. Vinylon filter cloth: alkali resistance, poor temperature resistance, especially when wet shrinkage occurs. The main uses of dyes, pigments, ceramic soil, drug filtration.

6. Acrylic filter cloth: excellent chemical resistance, the main purpose of the corrosive gases such as dust collection.

7. Kevlar filter cloth: high strength, good heat resistance, can be used continuously at temperature of 180 degrees to 200 degrees, excellent chemical resistance, anti-mold, good radiation resistance, flame retardant. Mainly used for filtering gas at high temperature and separated solid particles of the bag, such as powder factory, explosive aluminum powder plant and other industrial filtration.

8. Fluorine fiber filter cloth: the best chemical resistance, good thermal stability, low electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, good flame retardancy, friction coefficient is the lowest in synthetic fiber. Mainly used in high temperature and the chemical environment of the filter, such as the titanium dioxide plant fluorosilane filter.

9. Carbon fiber filter cloth: high elastic modulus, low density, high tensile strength, excellent heat resistance, good chemical resistance, good dimensional stability, good electrical conductivity. The main uses are high temperature chemical industry filtration, Air purifying activated carbon fiber felt.

10. Glass fiber cloth: high tensile strength, low elongation, high temperature, good thermal stability, good electrical insulation, good chemical resistance, lower torsional strength and shear strength than other fibers. The main uses are high temperature Gas dust collection, recovery of valuable industrial products.

11. Polyacetal cloth: It has high abrasion resistance, anti-mold and anti-rotten, non-hygroscopic and non-swelling in water. It is mainly used for the filtration of corrosive liquid and gaseous substances. : Wear resistance, resilience and antistatic properties are good and flame retardant. Mainly used in the manufacture of flame retardant filter cloth. The largest marketing market.

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