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The latest induction of spunbonded spunlaced Superfiber nonwoven fabrics in 2018

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-02-26
Spunbonded spunlaced superfiber nonwoven fabrics:

First, strength
Spunbonded, Spunlaced, non-woven fabric has unique advantages in spunlace reinforcement. Its strength and strength are far more than that of common weight Spunlaced products.
Taking 80g/cm2 as an example, the vertical and horizontal strength is 438N and 250N, which is higher than that of 27%0~50%.

Second, wiping
Under the same surface area, spunbonded spunlaced superpolished fiber nonwoven fabric has a fast water absorption, high water absorption, high oil absorption and no scraps, and has good wiping performance.

Third, hydrophilic and pro oil
The water absorption of hollow orange spunlaced nonwoven fabric is 6.16 times as much as self weight, and the amount of oil absorption is 7.72 times of the weight of self weight. The water absorption of the wood pulp compound spunlace is 4 times as much as the weight of the weight. If the superfine spun is treated with special treatment, the softness of the cloth surface is enhanced, and its water absorption is 9~10 times of the weight of its self weight.

Fourth. Cleanliness of oil pollution
Ultra-fine PET and PA6 fibers have good oil affinity.

Fifth, softness
Soft texture, without scratching and wiping the surface of the object.

Sixth. Dust absorption capacity
The two component spunbonded, Spunlaced, non-woven fabric has large specific surface area and large contact area with dust. The section of fiber is wedge shaped, and the sectional area is 3~7 m. The size and special shape of the minimal suction capacity make it have the use of collecting dust particles, electrostatic dust absorption and dust particles.

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