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What kind of meltblown cloth is used for medical mask N95 mask?

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What kind of meltblown cloth is used for medical mask N95 mask?

2021-07-26 11:58:54
The epidemic situation abroad is now more serious, and the demand for materials such as melt blown cloth is also relatively large. Therefore, many foreign trade companies have also increased the business of melt blown cloth(Face Mask Fabric On Sales). There are so many parameters, and they are all very important. As a necessary material for anti-epidemic materials such as masks, melt blown cloth must meet the conditions before it can be used. One parameter is incorrect or not up to standard.

So what are the parameters we should pay attention to, especially for some foreign trade companies, which parameters should be used to find suitable suppliers, today we will give you a brief introduction.

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Some areas that everyone should pay attention to:

1. Is the test of meltblown cloth(Meltblown BFE Vendor) oily or salty?

Most of the domestic ones only have requirements for salinity and no oiliness, but some places have relatively high requirements for oiliness, that is to say, for example, 95 grade melt blown cloth, whether it is oily or salty, you must ask clearly .

2. The flow rate of melt blown cloth(FFP2 Filter Factory) test is 32L/85L/95L. General medical masks and medical surgical masks are basically tested at a flow rate of 32L. N95/KN95 are usually tested at a flow rate of 85. For example, you may be If you want 32L flow rate, 95+ melt blown cloth, if you don't distinguish the flow rate, you take the 95+ with the 32L flow rate detection and go to the 85 flow rate product, it is estimated that even the 90 level cannot be reached.

3. The thickness of the meltblown cloth. The thickness of the meltblown cloth is usually expressed in gram weight per square meter. For example, 25/40/50, one square meter is 25 grams, 40 grams, and 50 grams, which reflects the melting from the side. If the thickness of the spray cloth is 50, you can also ask, is it allowed for 25g double layers? This will increase the choice of suppliers.

4. Width of melt blown cloth

The width of the meltblown cloth is the width of the meltblown cloth. This manufacturer can generally adjust it. It is a matter of adjusting a knife distance. Normally, it is 175mm and 260mm.

The general parameters are the above points. In addition, the resistance of the melt blown cloth, and some of the test reports, etc. should be noted.