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What is the specific process of water electret melt blown cloth?

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What is the specific process of water electret melt blown cloth?

2021-07-23 11:40:38
The water-electret meltblown cloth(Mask Meltblown Fabric Company) technology originally originated from the United States, and the difference from the traditional meltblown cloth(Pp Meltblown Nonwoven On Sales) is that: the traditional meltblown cloth uses corona electret, which exhibits significantly stronger stability and comprehensive benefits; while water Electret melt blown cloth is a high-pressure water pump to deliver the prepared pure water to the nozzle, and the fan nozzle sprays the melt blown cloth, and the two rubbing to generate static electricity; the water electret melt blown cloth is saturated with static electricity, but Decay faster!

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Water electret process steps

1. Melt blown cloth(Non-Woven Mask Materials Factory) generation: select electret high-fluidity polypropylene and add a small amount of water electret masterbatch.

2. Pure water preparation: select tap water as the water source, filter the water source with sand and gravel tank and filter with activated carbon, add reverse osmosis agent and hydrochloric acid to the filtered water source, and perform the secondary filtration of reverse osmosis membrane on the water source, and automatically detect the filtered water. Add alkaline industrial reagents to the water source to complete the preparation of pure water.

3. Water electret process: The prepared pure water is delivered to the fan nozzle through the high-pressure water pump, and the fan nozzle sprays the melt blown cloth by spunlace, and the water and the melt blown fiber friction generate electric charge to complete the spunlace electret.

4. Drying process: send the spunlace electret melt-blown cloth into the drying box through the conveying net, use hot air to dry, and cut and wind after drying.