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What is the role of non-woven bagging?

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What is the role of non-woven bagging?

2019-02-04 22:14:03
(1) Reducing the pests and diseases and environmental pollution fruits, and saving the cost of using pesticides. After the fruit is bagged, the invasion of pests and diseases and the dust in the air fall on the surface of the fruit, so that the fruit is not contaminated by pesticides and the environment. Because the pests and diseases are thoroughly and carefully prevented before bagging, the cost of pesticides and spraying labor are greatly saved, the pesticide residues in the fruits are greatly reduced, and the production of pollution-free fruits, green fruits and organic fruits is effectively guaranteed.

(2) The coloration is uniform and the fruit looks beautiful. The color of the bagged(Fruit Protection Bag Factory) fruit is 99%, and the color of the unbagged fruit is only 60-70%. The fruit of the bagged fruit has no other spots, and the spots on the fruit of the bagged fruit are not serious. The bagged navel orange fruit is orange-red, the pear is milky white, the golden autumn pear is golden yellow, the Guanxi honey pomelo is milky yellow, and the beauty refers to the grape is milky white. Due to the uniform coloration of the bagged fruit, the fruit surface has no plaques and has a beautiful appearance, which is favored by consumers.

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(3) Reducing abrasions, cracking and bird damage. When the fruit is wrapped in a bag, the paper bag blocks the peeling of the fruit between the fruit and the fruit, and also avoids the invasion of the pest and the foraging of the bird. Non-bagged fruits(Grape Protection Bag On Sales) are easily scratched by the wind-swaying branches, which are easily damaged by insects and birds. Fruits that are bruised, smashed, or bruised are prone to cracking, causing a reduction in production. The bagged fruit will not be produced by the fruit fly, and the bacteria will grow on the fruit surface to cause the fruit to rot and reduce the yield.

(4) Bagging can improve economic benefits. According to reports from Shaanxi and Shandong provinces, each set of apples can sell for 0.5 yuan, 0.3-0.4 yuan less than the cost, and 10,000 apples in one acre, which can increase 3000-4000 yuan. The price difference between fruit bagging(Non Woven Protection Bag Manufacturer) and non-bagging in our county is obvious. Such as the new century pear, bagging fruit 5 yuan per kilogram, not bagged fruit 1.6 yuan per kilogram, bagging fruit sold more than 3.4 yuan per kilogram, bagging fruit is not 3 times the price of bagging fruit.