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What is the performance of agricultural nonwovens?

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What is the performance of agricultural nonwovens?

2019-06-06 11:19:41
At present, non-woven fabrics for clothing industry have been widely used for seedling covering, thermal insulation covering, breeding, underground irrigation, crop and tree protection, multifunctional plant growth matrix materials, mulch materials, agricultural geotextiles, various agricultural bags, fruits. Sheath and other aspects. Compared with traditional agricultural materials, due to its excellent performance, it is an ideal agricultural material favored by farmers and has a huge potential market.

The performance of agricultural nonwovens(Agricultural Fabric Vendor) mainly has the following points:

1. Energy saving, heat preservation and anti-freezing: It can increase the temperature in the plastic greenhouse by 1 to 3 degrees Celsius and increase the temperature in the greenhouse by 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. Compared with the plastic film alone, the agricultural non-woven fabric(Agricultural Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer) has the characteristics of high temperature, low temperature, high temperature and small temperature difference between day and night.

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2. Moisture absorption and protection: Agricultural non-woven fabrics(Non Woven Mulch Supplier) are hygroscopic and can reduce the relative humidity of the air in the shed by 6 to 17 percent, which has a significant effect on controlling crop diseases. The disease is reduced, the amount of agricultural drugs is reduced, the cost is reduced, and pollution is reduced.

3. Dimming and cooling: Agricultural non-woven fabrics have a light-shielding property, which can play a role in mediating light intensity and cooling in the high temperature and strong light season.

4. Protection: The greenhouse or protective bag used by various fruits and vegetables can prevent the pollution of insects, birds and agricultural drugs. Especially the fruit sheath is better than the paper bag, not only wet, but also not easy to damage, and the effect is good. it is good. Long service life has never improved the quality of the fruit and reduced the cost.