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What is the effect of non-woven bagging on the quality and storability of bananas?

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What is the effect of non-woven bagging on the quality and storability of bananas?

2018-04-25 11:08:57
Nowadays, non-woven fruit bagging is commonly used during the fruit growing period in domestic orchards. Among them, apple, mango, lychee, longan, peach, grape, banana and other fruits are more prominent in the production. Bagging is an important technology. The impact of non-woven bagging on fruit is many, such as: pest control, reduce fruit diseases, directional growth, thereby improving the quality of fruits, improving the storability of fruits and so on. Non-woven bagging has such an effect on fruit, do you know?

Bananas are the main economic crops in the South, and non-woven fruit bagging is basically popular in fruit production. According to the analysis, non-woven banana bagging can prevent insects and disease, but also prevent bat scratching, reduce frictional injury, increase the proportion of high-quality fruit, increase production, anti-season banana bagging can also be cold insulation. With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, fruit bags used in production are gradually changed from non-woven bags to various materials. The fruit bag made of non-woven fabric not only has the basic performance of the traditional bagging, but also has good air permeability, does not hinder the breathing of the fruit, and can effectively improve the improvement effect of the bagging.

According to the research on the effect of bagging on the quality of bananas, the reason for the effect of bagging on the dry matter accumulation of banana fruits is that it changes the light, humidity, and temperature of the microenvironment surrounding the banana ear. Proper shading is conducive to dry matter accumulation. At the same time, because the traditional bagging creates a relatively closed micro-environment, in addition to avoiding direct sunlight, it can also reduce the temperature difference on the banana surface, weaken the flow of air, and increase the air humidity around the banana fruit. This excessively stable temperature and humidity is not conducive to dry matter accumulation. Different bag materials and methods have different air permeability and also have an influence on the air humidity around the banana fruit. Non-woven bagging has the strongest air permeability, and the humidity inside the bag should be lower than any traditional bagging, keeping the highest dry matter quality score.

Effect of Nonwoven Bags on the Storability of Bananas . Relevant conclusions: The weight loss rate of bananas during storage is the highest in non-bagging control, and the weight loss rate of ordinary single-layer bags is higher than that of ordinary double-layered bags. Pre-harvest bagging can reduce post-harvest weight loss, and the most effective Good is anti-UV non-woven bagging.

Different bagging can reduce the weight loss rate of post-harvest bananas. Most bags can help to extend the shelf life of bananas, indicating that banana bagging is beneficial to improve the storage of bananas. At the same time, bagging can increase vitamin C content, but reduce the content of soluble solids; from the perspective of the impact on the quality and storage of bananas, non-woven bagging effect is better, the production of the most commonly used plastic bagging is poor.

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