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What is needle punched nonwoven fabrics?

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What is needle punched nonwoven fabrics?

2017-07-25 10:27:42
Needle punched nonwoven fabrics are made of polyester, polypropylene raw materials, combed, combed, pre-acupuncture, the main acupuncture. The center of the network cloth mesh, and then by the two-way core, air into the network acupuncture compound into cloth, after the pressure filter cloth with three-dimensional structure, the heat setting, singeing, the surface of the most chemical oil treatment, Smooth appearance, the distribution of microporous uniform, from the surface to see the product density is good, both sides of the surface smooth and breathable degree is better in the plate and frame compressor filter use proof, you can use high-pressure, filtration accuracy of up to 4 microns, according to the user Need to provide both polypropylene and polyester raw materials. Practice has proved that non-woven filter cloth in the plate and frame filter when the better performance: the coal preparation plant coal slime treatment, steel plant wastewater treatment. In the brewery, dyeing and printing plant wastewater treatment. Such as the use of other specifications filter cloth will appear cake pressure does not work, and difficult to fall off the problem, with non-woven filter cloth, the filter cake in the filter pressure to reach 10kg-12kg when very dry, Will automatically fall off. Users in the choice of non-woven filter cloth, mainly based on air permeability, filtration accuracy, elongation, etc. to consider different thickness, quality of non-woven fabric, the product parameters, please point polyester needle punched felt and polypropylene needle punched felt, specifications varieties are can be developed.

Needle punched nonwoven fabrics series of products is a fine carding molding, many precision needle or to be properly hot-rolled treatment. In the introduction of two high-precision acupuncture at home and abroad on the basis of production lines, the choice of high-quality fiber. Through the different production process with, and the matching of different materials, the current market circulation of hundreds of different products, including: geotextile, geomembrane, velvet flannel, speaker blanket, electric blanket cotton, embroidered cotton, cotton clothing, christmas handicrafts, human leather fabric, filter material for cloth.

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