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What is impregnated nonwovens?

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  • Release on:2017-09-01
What is impregnated nonwovens?
What are the main features?
The impregnated nonwoven fabric comprises a saturated impregnated nonwoven fabric and a foam impregnated nonwoven fabric.

The production process of the nonwoven fabric generally includes the following parts:
Into the network, reinforcement, roll cut. Impregnated non-woven cloth is the net after the net through the immersion tank, and then dried into a cloth, and finally cut. The main feature of impregnated nonwovens is that dipping, according to the characteristics of the product, can adjust the different working fluid, through the impregnation to meet the requirements of the product.

The most important feature of the impregnated nonwoven fabric is the adjustment of the working fluid.
The characteristics of the product can be achieved in the working fluid without having to add the finished product to the finished product. In the working fluid, the common characteristics of the adjustment are: soft and hard, waterproof, dyeing, water, fire and so on. In addition, the impregnated nonwoven fabric needs to pass out at a high temperature of about 250 degrees, and is widely used in various fields according to the high temperature resistance characteristic. Foam impregnated non-woven fabrics, but also because of its high production standards, its products are widely used in the field of sanitary materials.