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What does the meltblown cloth look like when it burns?

  • Release on:2021-07-30
Regarding how to distinguish the authenticity of melt blown cloth(99% Filteration Meltblown Vendor), there is such a method, which is to burn the melt blown cloth. In fact, this method is not scientifically feasible.

Because the melt blown cloth is made of polypropylene plastic, polypropylene is what we often call PP, and the plastic tableware that can be placed in the microwave oven at home is generally PP.

To use the fired meltblown cloth to identify you have to look at the material of the fake meltblown cloth(Melt Blown Filter Supplier). If it is also PP polypropylene material or similar plastics, it is difficult to distinguish.

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There is also a kind of impersonation that refers to napkins. This is possible. The raw material of napkins is wood pulp fiber, which is extracted from trees. Napkins can be ignited with fire, and when they burn, there will be smoke and burnt wood smell, and a small amount of ashes will be formed in the end. Polypropylene spunbond and meltblown nonwovens(FFP2 Meltblown Manufacturer) are completely different from napkins. The materials are all polypropylene, which is extracted from petroleum. Using flames to burn spunbonded and meltblown nonwoven materials will shrink, melt, and form droplets, and will produce smoke and the smell of burning plastic.

Therefore, this fire-burning meltblown cloth can only be used as a possible method, not as a sufficient detection method.