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What do you know about the use and development of colored nonwovens?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-07-30
We can produce non woven fabrics of various colors. The raw materials are mainly polyester fiber, 100% polyester, environmentally friendly raw materials, in line with national environmental protection production requirements, widely used in various industrial processing, handicraft DIY products, horticultural beautification, the company has specialized The color non woven production line can better produce high-quality products and prevent cross-coloring in other colors during production. In addition, the company has a group of excellent quality control technicians and production masters, which can better control the production process. In the product weight, door width, color, quality and other issues, from the source to ensure quality. The company's color non woven fabrics are exported to Europe and the United States, as well as Argentina, Middle East countries, Southeast Asia and other countries. Unanimously recognized, the company and a number of foreign trade companies work closely together all the year round, exporting all kinds of color non woven fabrics of various colors all the year round, we strive to achieve the same development at home and abroad, and open up more color needle-punched nonwovens(100% polyester nonwovens factory) market.

China 100% Polyester Nonwovens Supplier, Handicraft DIY Products Vendor, Needle-punched Nonwovens Wholesale

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of needle-punched nonwovens(handicraft DIY products manufacturer) for 13 years. The company has first-class technical equipment and experience. The rich engineers are professional non woven fabric manufacturers, and the company can carry out special sample trial processing for the products you need to ensure your high quality requirements.

China 100% Polyester Nonwovens Supplier, Handicraft DIY Products Vendor, Needle-punched Nonwovens Wholesale

Our main business: needled punched non woven fabrics(needle-punched nonwovens on sales) of various specifications, soundproof felt for air conditioner, needled punched geotextile, mask filter cotton non woven fabric, flame retardant fireproof non woven fabric, hydrophilic absorbent non woven fabric, water-repellent waterproof non woven cloth, filter non woven fabric, shoe material hat hard non woven fabric, etc. All kinds of non-woven fabrics of various requirements and specifications can be made according to customer needs. The product has gained good evaluation and trust in customer response. In the new market economy, we will be more diligent and more diligent in making the color non woven fabric more assured to customers. We believe that the future will be better together with the co operators, and we will welcome everyone to consult and visit the factory.