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What are the requirements for disposable protective clothing?

  • Release on:2021-04-05
In the process of processing and wearing, disposable protective clothing(PP Non Woven Material Company) will rub the human body and various objects, thereby generating static electricity. If the conductivity of the fiber or the object is not good, the charge is not easy to escape, which usually affects the production and processing and reduces the quality of the fabric. When the disposable protective clothing generates static electricity, the clothing is easily soiled and entangled, which will cause inconvenience, uncomfortable and unsightly wear to the human body, and even cause a fire.

The strength of the static electricity charged by the material can be expressed by the charge half-life, that is, the time required for the static voltage or charge on the fiber material to decay to half of the original value. It can also be expressed indirectly by the specific resistance of the fiber. The large charges of various optical fibers are roughly the same, but the static attenuation speed is quite different. The surface resistivity of the materials used in disposable protective clothing is reduced to a certain level. Therefore, the raw materials of disposable protective clothing(Non Woven Polypropylene Vendor) should have antistatic properties to prevent the generation of static electricity.

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The basic material of disposable protective clothing(Non Woven Polypropylene Roll Factory) is mainly non-woven fabric, which is used after a series of treatments. Most of their use methods are disposable to ensure health and hygiene. After all, the hygiene of this kind of clothes is very important. It can effectively avoid infection on the operating table and keep the surrounding environment clean. Moreover, many doctors need to spend a lot of time to perform operations, so the clothes are worn for a long time. Therefore, before buying disposable protective clothing, we should pay attention to the precautions needed to ensure that the clothing is more comfortable and breathable. After all, during the operation, the medical staff is always in a very nervous state. Therefore, they must ensure their wearing comfort and can effectively prevent the clothes from tearing or causing unnecessary wear and tear.

When worn in winter, disposable protective clothing can resist static electricity well. For certain chemical substances and impurities, it can play a very good role in resistance. The colors of disposable protective clothing are mostly blue and blue, which play a quiet and tranquil visual effect and are very suitable for operating tables.