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What are the common techniques for making needled punched non woven fabrics?

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What are the common techniques for making needled punched non woven fabrics?

2018-03-12 13:57:06
Needled punched non woven fabrics is a kind of dry non-woven fabric. Needled punched non woven fabrics uses the puncture effect of a needle to reinforce the fluffy web into cloth. Can be used for geotextiles, geomembrane, quilted velvet, speaker blankets, electric blankets cotton,
embroidered cotton, cotton garments, Christmas crafts, leather base fabrics, special cloth for filter materials.
Needled punched non woven fabrics common manufacturing process screen printing screen printing plate part of the hole through the ink, missing printed on the substrate; the rest of the plate on the mesh blocked, not through the ink, in the substrate A blank was formed on the screen and the screen was used as a support. The screen was tightened on the frame, and the photosensitive adhesive was then coated on the screen to form a photosensitive film. The positive-fitted backsheet adhesive tape was then attached to the plate. Film printing, exposure. Developing, the part of the plate that does not need to pass the ink receives light to form a cured film, the mesh is sealed, the ink is impermeable to the printing, the mesh of the part that needs to pass the ink on the printing plate is not closed, and the ink is penetrated during printing. Black marks formed on the substrate.

In general, printing can only be carried out on a flat surface. Silk screen printing can not only be printed on a flat surface, but can also be printed on special shapes on concaves and convexes. It can also print a variety of large-scale posters, curtains, and curtains. Screen printing ink thickness up to 30 ~ 100μm, therefore, the hiding power of ink is particularly strong, can be pure white printing on black paper. The thickness of the screen printing ink layer is strong and the three-dimensional image of the printing is strong, which is unmatched by other printing methods.

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