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What are the characteristics and uses of hydrophilic non-woven fabrics?

  • Release on:2020-10-19
Hydrophilic nonwovens(Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric On Sales) are the opposite of waterproof nonwovens. Hydrophilic non-woven fabrics are made by adding a hydrophilic agent during the production process of the non-woven fabric, or adding a hydrophilic agent to the fiber during the production process of the fiber, and then the non-woven fabric is produced.

The purpose of adding a hydrophilic agent is that the fiber or non-woven fabric is a polymer with few hydrophilic groups. Or there is no hydrophilic group, and the application of non-woven fabric with hydrophilic energy cannot be realized, so a hydrophilic agent is added.

Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric On Sales, Hydrophilic Nonwovens Manufacturer, Environmentally Friendly Non-Woven VendorHydrophilic Non Woven Fabric On Sales, Hydrophilic Nonwovens Manufacturer, Environmentally Friendly Non-Woven Vendor

The characteristic of hydrophilic non-woven fabric(Environmentally Friendly Non-Woven Vendor) is: non-woven fabric with certain water absorption capacity. In applications, such as medical products, health care products, and hydrophilic non-woven fabrics have a hydrophilic effect, which can quickly transmit liquid to the absorbent core. The hydrophilic non-woven fabric itself has poor absorption properties, and the general moisture regain rate is about 0.4%.

Hydrophilic non-woven fabric(Hydrophilic Nonwovens Manufacturer) is an environmentally friendly non-woven fabric. We often see that adults or babies are not wet with water, wipes necessary for family life, sanitary napkins for ladies, etc., are made of it. The hydrophilic non-woven fabric has strong absorption, is harmless to the human body, and is convenient practical!