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What about the SMS non woven fabrics that you still don't know?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-12-06
What about the SMS non woven fabrics thatyou still don't know?

First of all, about SMS non woven fabrics,so far there are still many customers who are not very clear about this production process and principle. Here is a popular introduction to everyone,the so-called SMS non woven fabric is the upper and lower two layers of spunbond non woven fabric, sandwiched between A layer of meltblown non woven fabric(Non Woven Medical Disposables Wholesale). That is, a three-layer composite cloth. S is the abbreviation of spunbonded cloth, M is the abbreviation of meltblown cloth, so I believe everyone will understand.

Non Woven Medical Disposables Wholesale, Non Woven Medical Products Factory, SMS Non Woven Fabric On Sales

Non Woven Medical Disposables Wholesale, Non Woven Medical Products Factory, SMS Non Woven Fabric On Sales

Secondly, the advantages and price of SMS non woven fabrics are three-layer composite fabric, so it is more dust-proof,antibacterial and water-repellent than ordinary non woven fabrics(Non Woven Medical Products Factory), but still maintains good air permeability, which is why SMS is more suitable for themedical industry. In addition, in terms of price, due to the relatively complicated production process, it is worth noting that SMS non woven fabrics(SMS Non Woven Fabric On Sales) are generally produced by medium and large-scale manufacturers. What is thereason? Because this composite cloth must use the German imported Lefitemachinery, a complete set of production lines, huh, huh, that is at least 10million. Therefore, in general, large and medium-sized enterprises willproduce, and the price will of course be higher than that of ordinary non woven fabrics. The specific price depends on the manufacturing process, width, weightand so on.