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How to use non woven fabrics and ceilings for the insulation of winter agricultural greenhouses?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-12-05
After entering the winter, the temperatureoften drops like a cliff. When cold current is encountered, the temperaturedrops rapidly and then rises again. In order to extend the vegetable growthperiod in the arch shed, the basis is to improve the daily insulation of theshed.

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1. Non woven fabric(Greenhouse Non Woven Cover Factory) is placed on both sidesand north side of the vault

Both sides of the vault have a large areato contact with the outside world, and heat loss is faster. In general, theinitial chilling location is on either side of the vault. Therefore, vegetablegrowers use agricultural non woven fabrics(Agricultural Shade Cloth Manufacturer), straw curtains, etc. to cover bothsides of the arch shed, which can greatly improve their thermal insulationperformance. Especially for the east-west arched shed, a straw windshield canbe set on the north side to reduce air flow and heat loss.

In addition, vegetable farmers need to payspecial attention to repair damage, ensure that there is no gap between thevent and the surface, and reduce the airflow inside and outside the night arch.

Greenhouse Non Woven Cover Factory, Agricultural Shade Cloth Manufacturer,  Agriculture Cover Wholesale

2. Set the canopy

A set of films is the most commonly usedmeans of insulation, and vegetable farmers can increase the relative temperature of 2-4 °C by adding a layer of cover. When the outdoor air temperature dropsbelow 8 °C, thefilm should be added in the tunnel to increase the relative night temperature and promote the growth of vegetables(Agriculture Cover Wholesale).

After the film is added, the temperatureand humidity control should be strengthened. Especially after the ventilationis poor, the dripping water is easy to occur, and the humidity in the shed isgreatly increased. Care should be taken to prevent and treat damp-heatbacterial and fungal diseases such as bacterial keratosis, soft rot, fungalgray mold, scleroderma and downy mildew.