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Use of mineral fiber materials in non woven fabrics

  • Release on:2020-01-14
Mineral fiber

Including carbon, ceramic and metal fibers,it is widely used in North America.

According to INDA data, of the 1,245,000tons used by the global nonwovens(Degradable Nonwovens Company) industry in 2018, the North American industryalone consumed 643,000 tons, of which 87% were consumed during wet processing.

Degradable Nonwovens Company, Industrial Nonwoven Factory, Composite Nonwovens WholesaleDegradable Nonwovens Company, Industrial Nonwoven Factory, Composite Nonwovens Wholesale

Glass fibers are made from very fine glass fibers.

It is a lightweight, extremely strong and strong material.

Glass fiber has a wide range of applications(Composite Nonwovens Wholesale) in the fields of filtration, transportation, construction, electronics, wind energy, and industry. Mineral fibers are commonly used in the production of wet nonwovens(Industrial Nonwoven Factory), but they are also used in air-laid staple fibers and dry needle punching processes.