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Use of Special Non-woven Fabrics for Fruit Baskets

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Use of Special Non-woven Fabrics for Fruit Baskets

2019-07-04 10:59:47
With the improvement of living standards,people's requirements for food packaging are getting higher and higher. Themost important requirement is environmental protection and pollution-free.Nowadays, fruit baskets have also begun to use non-woven fabrics(Fruit Non Woven Bag Factory) with environmentally friendly properties. Here we will introduce the use of non-woven fabrics for fruit baskets.

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First of all, the special non-woven fabric(China Spunbond Non Woven Bag Wholesale) of the fruit basket increases the yield of the fruit and shortens its growth period, which plays a ripening role. Secondly, the fruit adheres to the proper humidity and temperature, improves the sweetness of the fruit, improves the luster of the fruit, and improves the fruit level. The benefits are significant,and bagging can produce partial greenhouse effect. At the same time, it canalso isolate the environmental pollution of the fruit, so that it will not be scratched by the branches during the growth process. The difference in harvestor quality is formed, and the fruit is prevented from being attacked by birds,harmed by pests and diseases, and damaged by wind and rain when the fruit isclose to maturity. The fruit bagged non-woven fabric is mainly used in the late growth stage. One of the most environmentally friendly is the fruit bag made ofnon-woven fabric. A variety of fruit consumption has a corresponding fruit bag,and the consumption of fruit bag is varied. The consumption of green fruit depends on the availability of fruit bagging technology.

The above is a detailed explanation aboutthe special non-woven fabrics(Non Woven Dustproof Bag Manufacturer) for fruit baskets. For more information onnon-woven fabrics, please contact Foshan Guide Textile Co., Ltd.