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Treatment method of non-woven fabric waste

  • Release on:2021-04-19
It is inevitable that a large amount of waste will be generated during the production and processing of non-woven fabrics(Composite Non Woven Fabric Company). How to deal with these non-woven fabric wastes is a very difficult problem for non-woven fabric manufacturers(Industrial Nonwoven Manufacturer). The non-woven fabric waste is recycled and reused, which not only saves Resources can reduce the production cost of non-woven fabric enterprises!

Treatment method of non-woven fabric(Laminated Non Woven Fabric Supplier) waste:

Due to the wide application of non-square cloth, it is inevitable to produce some non-square cloth waste during the production process. Although they are waste materials, after careful processing, they can also be turned into finished products of good quality, but the price of waste materials, such as pp non-woven fabric waste, is much lower than that of non-waste materials. The finished fabric is very cost-effective.

As an environmentally friendly material, non-woven fabric is characterized by easy decomposition and non-toxicity. The large amount of waste generated in production can be degraded in the later stage and re-produced into non-woven fabric, which can reduce a large amount of production costs for enterprises.

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After the non-woven fabric is cut during production, some fabrics are still large, and these waste materials are very suitable for the production of small accessories. In addition, in some plush toys or other toys, it is also very reasonable as a filler. .

As waste non-woven fabrics, the purchased materials are cheap, but the finished product prices are as mentioned above. Is this profit margin large? Of course, some of the finished non-woven fabrics require high quality and cannot be used like pp non-woven fabrics. Excluding non-woven fabric scraps such as woven fabric waste! Therefore, use non-fang fabric waste to make a variety of finished non-woven fabrics, such as environmentally friendly shopping bags, clothing lining fabrics, packaging linings, etc.

The non-woven fabric waste remaining after non-woven fabric processing, if not properly treated, will not only cause environmental pollution, but also waste a lot of manpower and material resources in the process of processing. If the remaining non-woven fabric can be processed The correct disposal of waste materials and recycling and utilization can not only save fabric, but also greatly reduce the production cost of non-woven fabric enterprises!