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There are 7 electret processes for water electret meltblown cloth, which ones do you know?

  • Release on:2021-07-19
Then there are many different kinds of electrostatic pole technology, including electrostatic spinning method, corona charging method, conflict electrification method, thermal polarization method, low energy electron beam bombardment method, pure water jet method, etc., because of the material's electrostatic electret technology Different, the properties of the formed electret are also quite different, and there are differences in the improvement of filtering function and the durability of static electricity.

As we all know, as the storage time increases, the electrostatic potential on the surface of the electret material decays. Under different charging voltages, the electrostatic attenuation trend is the same at the surface point of the material, and the preservation rate is not much different. Around the sky tends to stabilize.

This shows that polypropylene melt blown cloth(95% Filteration Meltblown Wholesale) has a good electrostatic function. The greater the charging voltage, the greater the electric field strength, the greater the electrostatic potential on the surface of the material, but it cannot exceed a certain limit. If the charging voltage exceeds 10Kv, spark discharge will appear. , Therefore lead to the breakdown of the data, so the charging voltage should be carefully selected.

At present, in terms of the properties of electrostatic electrets, the corona discharge method is a better method of electrostatic electret; the thermal polarization method is also a better method of electrostatic electret when the environment is relatively stable; Further improvement in the experiment; the electrospinning method requires the further development of science and technology; the low-energy electron beam bombardment method requires the improvement and simplification of the electrostatic electret process.

With the market update, the pure water jet meltblown cloth(Meltblown BFE Company) method has also come into people’s field of vision. The water electret meltblown cloth is delivered to the nozzle by the high-pressure water pump, and the fan-shaped nozzle sprays the meltblown cloth. , The two conflict and then generate static electricity; the water electret melt blown cloth reflects the situation that the amount of static electricity is full, and the static electret time is long!

Meltblown BFE Company, Face Mask Fabric Vendor, 95% Filteration Meltblown WholesaleMeltblown BFE Company, Face Mask Fabric Vendor, 95% Filteration Meltblown Wholesale

The technology of water jet melt blown cloth(Face Mask Fabric Vendor) originally originated from the United States. At present, many domestic manufacturers are studying water jet melt blown cloth, and the effect is better, but the corresponding investment is also relatively large, but in short, it cannot be separated from one purpose: to make high-quality and qualified products. data!

Whether it is traditional corona melt blown cloth, water electret melt blown cloth, or nano melt blown cloth, some companies make high-quality ones, and some companies make low-quality ones! The quality of a product cannot be judged by conventional eyesight.