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The role of filament geotextile in different projects

  • Release on:2021-03-19
Filament geotextile is a new type of building material used in civil engineering. The filament fibers are laid into a net through different equipment and processes, and then the different fibers are entangled and entangled with each other by needle punching and other processes. Fixing standardizes the fabric, making the fabric soft, full, thick and hard, so as to achieve different thicknesses to meet the requirements of use. Let us understand the role of filament geotextile in different projects together!

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The role of filament geotextile(China Geofabrics Manufacturer) in different projects

1. Railway roadbed reinforcement: use filament geotextile(Highway Maintenance Nonwovens Company) to enhance the bearing capacity of soft soil foundation, improve the soil's tensile strength and anti-deformation ability, prevent foundation settlement, so as to achieve the effect of overall stability.

2. Isolation effect of hydraulic construction: use filament geotextile(Polyester Felt Factory) to isolate building materials with different physical properties. Two or more materials will not be lost or mixed, the overall structure and function of the materials are maintained, and the bearing capacity of the structure is enhanced.

3. The protective function of rivers and dams: When water flows in the soil, the filament geotextile can effectively disperse, transfer or decompose the concentrated stress, prevent the soil from being damaged by external forces, and protect the soil.

4. Maintenance and moisturizing effect of highway pavement: The filament work cloth can keep the temperature and humidity inside the concrete relatively constant, which can effectively improve the early strength of the concrete and reduce the generation of micro-cracks.

5. Filtering effect along beaches and reclamation: When water flows from the fine soil layer to the coarse soil layer, the geotextile has good air permeability and water permeability, which can allow water to flow through and effectively remove soil particles and fine sand. , Small stones, etc. to maintain the stability of water and soil engineering.

Because of the function of filament geotextile, it can be widely used in railway roadbed reinforcement, road pavement maintenance, gymnasium, dam protection, hydraulic construction, tunnels, coastal beaches, isolation of reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.