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The role of disposable slip pad

  • Release on:2020-09-18
Disposable sliding pad This product is composed of a sliding pad composed of a disposable sliding cloth(SSMMS Fabric Vendor) cover, a disposable middle sheet, and an absorbent pad. The sliding pad can be used alone or in conjunction with a (SMS Polypropylene Fabric Factory)disposable middle sheet (bed sheet).

The sliding mat utilizes the sliding properties between two different special materials and is driven by an external force to form an effect similar to a transmission belt. The patient is passed over the bed as if on a transmission belt, making the time-consuming and labor-intensive passing of the bed easier It is easy to use. The sliding pad is used in conjunction with the disposable middle sheet (sheets), which saves effort, and can pass the patient as a whole to reduce secondary losses. It is especially suitable for fractures, obesity, and post-anaesthesia patients.

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Disposable sliding pads(Nonwoven SMS Company) can help medical staff solve the following problems:

1. No longer bother:

The sliding mat only needs 1-2 people to pass the patient over the bed, replacing the work that needs 4-5 people to complete. It saves labor and time, and can greatly reduce the labor intensity of medical staff.

2. "Patient immobile" bed:

Fractures, post-operation patients are often unable to move or touch due to illness or drainage tubes after surgery. Disposable sliding pads are used in conjunction with the middle sheet or bed sheet to pull the middle sheet or bed sheet to pass the patient over the bed, similar to a conveyor belt transfer Items, the conveyor belt keeps rotating. But the items placed on it remain immobile, and the patient can be transferred smoothly and safely without being moved or touched at all.

3. Effectively avoid secondary damage:

In the past transportation method, multiple people were used to carry it in different parts and different levels of force. The patient was very uncomfortable, and even the patient was injured due to improper transportation. The sliding mat allows the patient to pass the bed as a whole, avoiding secondary injury, and realizes a relaxed and comfortable overall transfer. In addition, the supporting pad can protect the patient's bones and may occur during transfer between the car/bed/table Injuries, strains, etc.

4. Can be widely used:

The sliding mat can be used under the condition of a certain height difference, so it can be widely used in various departments of the hospital to pass between the operating table/patient bed/cart/CT table/X-ray examination table.