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The latest application of nonwoven fabrics in clothing (Part 2)

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The latest application of nonwoven fabrics in clothing (Part 2)

2017-08-16 10:31:44
According to the degree of durability, clothing is divided into durability and non-durability (one-time) two categories. At present, non-woven fabrics in the application of clothing mainly concentrated in the field of non-durable clothing, durable clothing applications are rarely reported.

Durable non-woven fabric

As the non-woven fabric in the drape, elasticity, flexibility, opacity and pilling and other aspects of the requirements with the fabric fabric gap, and the lack of a certain sense of artistic appearance, and therefore used in the field of durable clothing quite Difficulty. However, non-woven fabrics are not easy to loose and slip, can be directly involved in the design of the cloth, do not need to dress the edge of the ironing and the characteristics of the edge, which is different from the woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. It is optimistic about the non-woven clothing sewing process simple advantages, many scientific research personnel and enterprises to face the risk of product development. In recent years, the focus has been on how to improve the drape, abrasion resistance, elasticity and elastic recovery of nonwovens, making it suitable for durable fabric requirements.

BBAFiberweb and Dow Chemical joint venture developed a new spunbond elastic nonwovens, fiber core-sheath bicomponent fiber, the core layer is an elastomer, the cortex is a very good extension of the polymer, by adjusting the core The different proportions of the two components make the resulting spunbond nonwoven fabric have very good elasticity, lower modulus of elasticity and higher strength and dimensional stability, which is a durable garment for spunbond nonwoven fabrics Provided the possibility.

Japan's Kuraray and domestic enterprises are jointly research and development of ultra-fine fiber spunbond non-woven fabrics, the use of Ex-cevaltm soluble resin and PP or PE, PA and other composite spinning, a component of PP (or PE, PA), another A combination is excevaltm. Exceal valtm is soluble in water below 90 ° C and biodegradable and absorbs moisture and is hydrophilic and has a thermal adhesion to PP (or PE, PA) and is very easy to form Processing. This spunbond non-woven fabric is much better than the average spunbond, even though its surface density is small, and the strength can be compared with the traditional spunbond cloth is a good choice for durable clothing.

Spunlaced nonwovens with a soft feel, bulky, high moisture absorption, fiber materials widely used, is the most suitable for clothing to do a non-woven fabrics, therefore, its durable clothing in the application of the most research. US patent reported a durable spunlace nonwoven fabric, with good wear resistance and drape, not easy to play the ball, dyeing fastness, when the vertical machine direction of the extension of 50%, the recovery rate can reach 90 %, And at least 25 times after washing. The non-woven fabric has a good elasticity, suitable for the daily wear of the shirt and coat, both personal comfort, good mechanical strength and aesthetics in one, is the ideal clothing and garment materials.

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