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The functional role of geotextile

  • Release on:2021-02-26
Geotextile wholesalers(China Geotextile Wholesale) analyze geotextiles, also known as geotextiles. They are composed of some synthetic (consisting of many parts) chemical fibers, while absorbent geotextiles are made by fixed weaving (combining many parts into a whole) raw materials. Generally speaking, this means A new type of material (composed of many parts to form a whole). Naturally, just from the appearance design, people will see that it is a kind of cloth. Generally speaking, the total width of this long-distance trek is usually between 4 meters and 6 meters, and its length is usually between 50 meters and 100 meters.

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Geotextile(Nonwoven Geotextiles Manufacturer) can play a role of isolation. Generally speaking, he can use a series of geotextiles made of polyester cloth to reasonably isolate building decoration materials with different chemical properties. For example, this kind of thing is made by ourselves. Throughout the process, there will be a variety of different indoor space sizes, including its denser levels. Naturally, during the entire process of isolation, manufacturing will also be based on something isolated. For example, did he isolate some soil, gravel or concrete. Generally speaking, only those things can be mastered to ensure that various raw materials will not flow out easily. It is unlikely to be adulterated. Only by maintaining the overall structural versatility of all raw materials can the durability of all building decoration materials be improved.

The filtering effect of geotextile(Geotextile Fabric Factory) can also be maintained. Generally speaking, it can take advantage of some of the original excellent air permeability and water absorption rate, which can make all water bases flow, and can reasonably intercept particulate matter and its sediments. Maintain the stability of all civil engineering projects.

This needle-punched geotextile has excellent water conductivity and creates a safe channel for drainage pipes in the soil layer to remove all sand or liquids.