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The Reason Of Odour For Non-woven Fabric Printing

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-01-19
Some printed non-woven fabrics often have smelly odor emanating, sometimes just beginning without taste, but over time people will have a smell, today we will explain under the non-woven printing will smell s reason.

First of all, when we are looking for a printing house, we must look for manufacturers who have deep ink, so that they will not usually make such mistakes and will not produce excessive residual ink at all. This is why there are some small batch of non-woven bags will appear the root of the smell of the stock. After printed on the cloth, this smell is still difficult to disperse. In fact, the ink has a long, long time, there will be unpleasant odor, the printing process more intense feeling. The next time customers need to print the same color when the ink will do this color plus some other colors of ink come in and then print. Some printers in the process of adjusting the printing process of adjusting the color of the ink is not accurate, there is more than with the ink, they can not be discarded out of excess ink deposited. Odor is not the ink itself has a problem, but the ink is not printed out of the process of printing from the next time you print this outdated ink and then brought to print. The second case is the ink problem, the reason appears here more common.

Some manufacturers use the fabric is completely A-grade recycled material (that is, the back material) to produce the fabric, so the point of unpleasant odor is inevitable. This kind of cloth generally does not appear in the market of Guangdong and Wenzhou this kind of situation, this kind of situation often appears in the cloth that the non-woven fabric manufacturer in Hebei area produces. Under normal circumstances the fabric is odorless, if the fabric mixed with too much renewable material may produce unpleasant odor.

In summary, there are two main reasons for the odor of non-woven printing: first, the fabric, and second, the printing ink.

The above is a summary of us on the reasons for the non-woven printing a detailed description of the odor, , if you want more about nonwovens, please click nonwoven product supplier.