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The advantages and disadvantages of fruit bagging, do you choose to bag or not?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-08-07
Since the pest control of fruit trees is high-toxic pesticides, high pesticide residues can cause spots on the fruits of fruits, which affects sales. Japan has used bagging technology since the 1960s. Now Japan, the United States, Poland, Italy, etc. have begun to use bagless production. The first bagging technology used in Japan was Japan. The first bagging technology was also Japan. Why? Should a large amount of bagging expenditure be spent every year? As a consumer, which fruit do you choose to eat?

The benefits of not having a bag:

1. Reduce costs and low fruit sales prices

Last year, on a farm base, the farmer said that bagging(grape protection bag supplier) is forced by consumers, and that it is not good for bagging and is not good for sale. Consumers are pursuing the appearance of the so-called food safety and have to pack. Bag costs, bagging labor costs, invisiblely increase a lot of expenses. Therefore, the fruit of the bag we usually eat has a part of the labor cost inside.

2, bagging fruit is prone to calcium deficiency, prone to shrinkage and small in the later stage

3. Fruits without a bag are easier to store.

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Take the example of grapefruit, the grapefruit skin without bagging is a lot of dust. Under the scouring of the rain, the grapefruit skin has water marks, and the appearance is not good, it is difficult to sell in the market. But this grapefruit can be stored for more than a month at room temperature in winter. When the bagged(non woven grape bagging manufacturer) grapefruit is stored for about 15 days, the peel is obviously soft and the storage time is nearly half.

4. The fruit without bagging purple has high sugar content and better taste.

Plant growth and development, the fruit of a small flower to absorb the aura of the land, bathing the wind and frost, the sun's photosynthetic, some of the fruit is not exposed to enough light, the fruit's sugar content will be reduced.

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The benefits of the bag:

1. Isolation of pesticides to prevent the invasion of pests and diseases and the damage of birds.

2. The spread of harmful bacteria in the environment and the pollution of fruits by harmful substances in the air.

3, to prevent glare and ultraviolet damage to the peel.

4, the sleeve can maintain proper humidity, temperature, and increase fruit production.

5. Improve the color and surface finish of the fruit, increase the moisture of the juice, and make the meat more delicate.

6. Bagging fruit(agricultural fruit bag on sales) is beautiful in appearance, safe, reliable, and meets the international standards of pollution-free and green food. Let our country's fruit go international.

As a small editor, I still can continue to carry out bagging. There are still no shortcomings about the so-called shortcomings of the current bagging of fruits. In fact, the impact of bagging on crops is far less than genetic technology, after all, the society that keeps pace with the times. The benefits of bagging are undoubted. Faced with the bad factors brought by bagging, these can be gradually improved in the continuous advancement of agricultural technology.