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The Role of Non woven Fabric in Waterproof Construction of Paint

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The Role of Non woven Fabric in Waterproof Construction of Paint

2018-02-06 14:02:05
In the process of house decoration, waterproofing is a crucial step, but in the waterproofing process, in fact, will use non-woven, and the role of non-woven is not small, then we look at non-woven in the coating waterproofing role.

Our common "One cloth three coating" "two cloth and five coating" and other craftsmanship. In order to give better play to the tensile properties of waterproof coatings, but also added a non-woven fabric as a reinforcement, in order to make the waterproof coating to better withstand the invasion of water, smart waterproof people invented the waterproof coating.

The reason why there is "water is pervasive" is that there are many tiny holes in the middle of concrete. Water will flow down through these holes and cracks and the concrete will crack.

Concrete cracking is a normal phenomenon, because concrete is to work with cracks, and concrete cracking for many reasons. However, the rebar does not completely offset the tension caused by the concrete, so it will still crack. Used to resist the strong pull of concrete shrinkage process, in order to prevent cracking of concrete, to join the steel. Crack come from? We know that when building a house.

We have to find out the basic role of non-woven waterproof construction.

The waterproof coating to form a whole, so water leakage, paint coating to enhance the tensile properties, but also used as a reinforcement, waterproofing process used in the non-woven fabrics.

To be linked to the network can be solved, this network is a fiberglass mesh cloth, used to resist concrete, putty contraction caused by tension, when we are in the decoration, when the wall has a slight crack. This is the role of anti-cracking.

At the same time, non-woven for waterproofing is more important role is - to strengthen the role of anti-cracking. Its own moisture, breathable, flexible, making non-woven and waterproof coating can be closely integrated.

The above is our finishing on the waterproofing of non-woven paint in the construction of large related articles, please click nonwoven product supplier.