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Structural principle of meltblown nonwoven production line

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Structural principle of meltblown nonwoven production line

2021-04-28 15:36:31
The structure principle and precautions of meltblown non-woven fabric(N95 Fabric Company) production line. Meltblown non-woven fabric is different from traditional spunbond production. It uses high-speed hot air to stretch the polymer sprayed from the nozzle hole of the module. The trickle becomes a kind of ultra-fine short fiber, which is guided to the roller to cool and form by its own viscosity.

Its production process is a flowing water process, from the loading and unloading of polymer materials, to the melting and extrusion of the materials, after the metering pump, the special nozzle module is used to spray out, and the high-speed hot air blows the spray. The polymer trickle coming out of the thread hole is properly stretched and guided. After cooling, it is formed on the roller and the material is received and processed in one go. Any problem in any link may cause production interruption. It is necessary to find the problem in time. Solve processing problems.

The meltblown non-woven fabric(Meltblown Layer Factory) production line includes many single equipments, such as polymer feeding machine, screw extruder, metering pump device, spinneret module, heating system, air compressor and cooling system, receiving And winding device. These devices work alone and are under the joint command of PLC and industrial computer to form a synchronization and tension control system. It is useful for inverters to control extrusion and transmission, winding, etc., as well as temperature control systems to control heating. Control fans and cooling, etc. At present, the domestic spinneret module can not achieve very high precision and needs to be imported from abroad, while other accessories are currently available in China, and the maintenance efficiency will be relatively higher.

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Some mechanical problems are easy to find and solve. For example, if a certain transmission roller bearing is broken, it will make abnormal noises, and it is easy to find suitable accessories to replace. Or the reducer of the screw is broken, which will obviously cause speed fluctuations and make loud noises.

However, electrical problems, if there is a failure, are relatively hidden. For example, if a certain contact of the PLC is broken, it will cause the linkage to be abnormal. A certain drive optocoupler of the frequency converter is abnormal, causing the motor's three-phase current to fluctuate drastically or even stop due to phase loss. The parameters on the winding tension are not well matched, which will cause the winding to be irregular. Or a certain line is leaking, causing the entire production line to trip and fail to boot.

When the touch screen touches the glass, it needs to be dealt with in time because of pressing too much, or dust and grease running on the inner cable head, causing poor contact or aging of the touch panel, causing pressing failure or failure.

PLC is generally less broken, but it does not mean that it will not be broken. Generally, it burns the contacts and power supplies. It is simple and quick to deal with the problem. If the program is lost or the motherboard has a problem, the entire production line will be paralyzed. It needs to be timely Find a professional company to help solve it.

Inverter and tension control system, because the power used in this type of equipment is relatively large, if the site does not pay attention to cold cutting and dust removal, it is easy to stop due to high temperature and static electricity during the production process.