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Selection of Disposable Slippers in Hotels

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-09-26
Disposable slippers are one of the necessary items in the hotel's disposable items. Each admitted to the hotel guests in the day after the rush to put on a pair of comfortable slippers, this time is the hotel reflects its humane service time. How to choose a comfortable disposable slippers?

According to the survey, there are still some hotels do not provide disposable slippers but can be repeated to wear plastic slippers, so that although the cost savings to the hotel, but it greatly reduced the hotel's favorability, it is difficult to fight back customers. So, how to choose the hotel hotel slippers is very important.

There are also some media coverage of the guests in the hotel due to wear a one-time slippers slippery and claim things. This is actually related to the choice of slippers. The disposable slippers on the market are mostly non-woven or paper to do, the soles are plastic, the middle layer of a thin layer of sponge, divided into non-slip and non-slip, the proposed hotel in the procurement should choose relatively thick soles , Plus the anti-chute, so easy to make the guests slippery, nor to reduce the disputes less trouble. Hotel hotel slippers is one of the six items of the hotel's one-time items. In fact, there are many types of disposable slippers. Mainly based on the classification of fabrics, the value from low to high, non-woven, velvet, pull
plush, short plush, towels, cut velvet, waffle. In general, small hotels and so on, the use of non-woven slippers. Velvet, pull plush, short plush, the general mid-range hotel with more. The best material for the towel, towel slippers can be used in the winter when the guests, because it has a good insulation, in the waterproof, absorbent performance is also more than other materials slippers, basically for more than 3 stars hotel.

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