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Reasonable Weighing Range for Non-woven Bags of Different Sizes

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-04-04
After everyone uses non-woven bags, there are always some customers who ask questions that they can't understand. And these problems are clearly on their own, not to blame our non-woven bags are not strong enough.

The most feedback is that the non-woven bag(Non Woven Shopping Bag Supplier) is not strong enough and is easily damaged. After we understand it, there are several customers who judge the standard and use the non-woven bag as a metal bag.

I thought it could be loaded with unlimited weight. One of the customers used a non-woven bag with a weight of 6-8 kg to load 20 kg of stuff. Can it be strong? If a person can only lick 50 pounds and let him go to squat 100 pounds, what are the consequences? So, what standard bags contain multiple things, this must be clarified.

Of course, the insurance load-bearing commitment of each bag is 6-8 kg, but in fact, it is not problematic to install 10 kg, 12-three kilograms, but if the load is not exceeded, the length and width of the loaded items exceed the non-woven fabric. The bag's limit, how the bag will be strong.

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Below, Xiaobian to popularize the weight of several of our regular size non-woven bags.

1. The size of an ultrasonic wirelessly stitched non-woven bag(Shopping Tote Bag Wholesale) commonly used by ordinary corporate units as advertising is: 32cm (width) * 43cm (height) * 10cm (bottom width), the length of the hand strap is generally 48-50cm, and the width is 2.5cm, the thickness of the fabric is 70g-90g, and the weight is 6~12kg.

2. The conventional size of the ultrasonic wireless suture coated non-woven bag commonly used in shopping malls and supermarkets is: 48 (width) * 35 (height) * 10 (bottom width and side width), the length of the hand strap is 48-50 cm, and the width is 2.5. Cm, the thickness of the cloth is 100-120g. The load is 10~20 kg.

3, another special information bag: 15*10*5cm non-woven bag can withstand weight of 3~5 kg.

When we use a variety of non-woven bags(Non Woven Bag Vendor), it is necessary to make the weight of the bag clear, otherwise it will be beyond the bag's specified load-bearing capacity, and the bag will not be damaged. At the same time, if you don't understand the weight of the bag, you should try to load it slowly. If you feel it is almost the same, stop it. Otherwise, in addition to the bag is easy to break, you will be very tired when you load it.