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Explanation on Main Technological Skills of Needle-punched Nonwovens

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-04-03
Acupuncture depth refers to the distance between the needle tip downward (or upward) through the surface of the tray, that is, the length of the needle extending out of the tray after it passes through the fibre web. When the specifications of the needle are fixed, the needle depth is large, the needling fibers are more, the knots between the fibers are sufficient, and the strength of the product is improved. But the depth of needling should be appropriate. Excessive depth of needling can increase the breakage of fibers, increase the force of needling, and even cause the breakage of needles. Excessive shallow needling can also cause bad knots and affect the strength of the product. In determining the depth of needling, the following principles should be grasped:

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1) When processing the web of coarse and long fibers, the needling(DIY Felt Fabric Wholesale) depth can be deeper and vice versa.

(2) When processing single-fiber fibers with high strength, the needling depth can be deeper, and vice versa, shallower.

(3) The needling(Non Woven Handicraft Manufacturer) depth can be deeper and vice versa when processing fibre webs with larger square metre weight.

(4) When processing the looser web, the needling depth can be deeper and vice versa.

(5) For products requiring firmness, the thorn is deeper, and vice versa.

(6) For products requiring higher needle density, the needle should be pricked deeper at the beginning and shallower at the end.

(7) Pre-needling is deeper than main needling.

(8) If there are several continuous needling machines, the depth of the first several needling routes is greater than that of the latter.

The depth of needling(Craft Fabric Supplier) is generally regulated within 3-17 mm. When the needling depth is increased within a certain range, more fibers can participate in the knot, because the number of hooks penetrating the fibre net increases. This shows that the depth of needling is also related to the arrangement density of hook needles. Different types of needles, even with the same depth of needling, have different number of hooks penetrating the mesh.