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Nonwovens used in homes and workplaces

  • Release on:2019-12-30
"Smart" Nonwoven Products

Since we already have smartphones, TVs andeven "smart" cars, why will non-wovens soon be among them? Productsthat may be offered someday include anti-theft shutters, explosion-proofcurtains, and carpets with alarm systems. It's not just science fiction-likestem cell technology, non-woven technology is actually a clean choice or ablank check on engineering possibilities.

For example, take a closer look at explosion-proof curtains and find that certain nonwoven fibers(Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric Wholesale) have a uniquestretching ability, which can cause the fabric to absorb some of the pressure generated by the shock wave, and at the same time play a role in flying debris(including glass, metal and other life-threatening objects) Capture mechanism.

Tea bags and coffee

Without the technology of nonwovens(Spun Bonded Non Woven Fabric On Sales) that has expanded to coffee and tea bag users, the world will go. These special fabrics don't add any flavor or odor to the precious goods they carry. They canboth filter liquids and hold solids firmly behind them, and they are relativelystrong (even wet).

Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric Wholesale, China PP Non Woven Fabric Factory, Spun Bonded Non Woven Fabric On SalesPolypropylene Non Woven Fabric Wholesale, China PP Non Woven Fabric Factory, Spun Bonded Non Woven Fabric On Sales


Thanks to nonwovens, wallpaper has gained worldwide popularity. Nonwovens(China PP Non Woven Fabric Factory) used in wallpaper have no seam separationissues (like other materials used for the same purpose) and are easier toremove than other types of wallpaper. In addition, non-woven fabrics are idealfor those that are in disrepair and require additional TLC performance becausethese types of wall covering materials have high stability, strength,versatility, and start-up cost-effectiveness.

in conclusion

Surprisingly, nonwovens are used in manyhome applications from filtering and cleaning to providing aestheticenhancements to homes. When used in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, anddining rooms, high-quality and high-performance nonwovens can provide apractical, comfortable, safe, and hygienic method for modern home life, andabove all, attractive solutions.

Nonwovens used in homes and workplaces haveevolved for some time, and if they have the ability to glow, enhance and stunninginside, then it raises the bar in many ways. What else can they help humansachieve? Indeed, the sky is the limit-again, maybe that's an understatement!