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Non-woven Container-A Revolutionary Technology For Forestry Seedlings

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-02-13
In China, the application of seedling containers(China Nursery Bag Supplier) in plastic bags of clay is very common – it has already been eliminatedin foreign countries. The seedlings in this traditional container seedling method generally have roots, roots, roots, weak roots and other roots. This hasbecome one of the important sources of low quality of plantations in China.

Researchers Hou Yuanzhao of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, who have been paying attention to the development of seedling theory and technology at home and abroad for many years, pointed outthat when the development of the seedlings in China is modernized, it isnecessary to abandon the traditional concept of seedlings and vigorously promote balanced root container seedlings. And other advanced seedling technology.

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The concept and technology of balanced root container seedlings originated in France. It is a key point of this technologyto use a non-woven fabric(Non Woven Seedling Bag Company) such as a non-woven fabric and a non-rooted materialas a container, and a light substrate with water, air permeability and nutrienttransfer ability as a seedling substrate.

Why do you strongly advocate replacing plastic containers with transparent materials such as non-woven fabrics(Nursery Bag Factory)? Why are forestry experts so optimistic about the balanced root container seedling technology, what technical advantages does it have? What is the promotion and application of this new technology in China? With these questions, the China Green Times reporter interviewed Hou Yuanzhao, a researcher and a related scientific researcher from the Shandong Academy of Forestry who introduced the balanced root container seedling technology earlier.