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Is the greenhouses warm like spring because of the nonwovens used for thermal insulation?

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Is the greenhouses warm like spring because of the nonwovens used for thermal insulation?

2018-06-14 11:00:22
Corn seedlings will stop breathing when they are under low temperature, so it is very important to do well in the greenhouse insulation work. In the cold winter days, the cold wind bursts. Within the vegetable planting base, vegetable growers are busy planting non-woven fabrics(agricultural nonwovens on sales) on more than 10 acres of vegetable greenhouses(agricultural nonwovens manufacturer). He said that it was the first time this year that non-woven fabrics were used to keep vegetables warm.

Into the vegetable greenhouses, which are warm like spring, pumpkin, tomatoes, peppers, plow, corn and other vegetable seedlings grow just right. The vegetable farmer said that in order to supply the Lunar New Year vegetable market, he cultivated more than 300,000 strains of various types of vegetable seedlings, and the recent rapid downturn in temperature has also affected the growth of seedlings.

To this end, vegetable farmers began to take measures to insulate vegetable greenhouses(agricultural nonwovens factory). He first built a middle shed in a greenhouse and covered it with a plastic film to provide a “three-layer film” insurance for vegetable seedlings. In order to ensure that the vegetables can be listed on the market before and after the Spring Festival, vegetable growers also consulted experts in vegetable cultivation. They used the advantages of Keqiao Spinning Co., Ltd. to draw materials locally, purchased a batch of non-woven fabrics, and covered the vegetables with a “quilt”.When the nonwovens are removed during the daytime, sunlight can better penetrate into the greenhouse. In the evening, non-woven fabrics are used for insulation. Vegetable farmers said that the price of non-woven fabrics is relatively cheap, about 2 yuan per square meter, he purchased more than 1,000 square meters, from the current point of view, good insulation effect.

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